Alumni Career Center


The HPS Alumni Career Center (ACC) supports 10,000+ Harmony alumni in their professional career development, exposure, and advancement.
From reviewing resumes and cover letters, helping with salary negotiation and promotion strategy, to connecting alumni to a network of employers and professionals in the state of Texas, our center is here to work with all Harmony alumni.

Providing networking events opportunities

Offering career externship or internship opportunities with HPS employer partners

Connecting college juniors & seniors with volunteer HPS families and alumni young

professionals for career mentorship

Offering virtual/in-person job fairs with employer partners

HPS alumni working as a full/part time employee at Harmony School of Ingenuity campus.

How to Join

Fill out HPS Alumni Career Center (ACC) interest form

Upload your resume to your profile

Attend ACC’s 1-1 Career Guidance sessions

Complete My Career learning modules successfully

Follow up with HPS employer partner internal referral

Dress and act professionally during your interview

Get the job, well done!!!