Harmony College Fellow Program

As we all know, going to new places and meeting new people can be challenging and difficult at times. As you begin your new and exciting college journey, you may experience stress and anxiety a while navigating your new life…and sometimes it can feel like you’re alone.

So don’t worry, Harmony’s got your back!

Transitioning to and through college can be tough…but Houston, we have a solution! With our new support initiative, Alumni College Coaching Program, it’s our mission to make our students’ experience to and through college as easy and stress-free as possible.

As a prospective fellow of the Alumni College Coaching Program, you will have access to:

College enrollment/retention support

Ongoing college success coaching

FAFSA/TASFA renewal support

Scholarship, internship and job opportunities

Networking with peers from all over

Rewards for your college success efforts

And Access to thousands of Harmony alumni perks

So What are you waiting for? Join the Harmony Alumni College Coaching program today!