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Alumni College Coaches!

Share your college experience with incoming and rising Harmony college students and support their transition to and through college!

Who can apply?

  • Must be a current HPS alumni attending UH, UHD or NAU
  • Must have completed min 60 college credits
  • Must have min 3.0 cumulative college GPA
  • Coaching, mentoring or advising experience  preferred
  • Commit 10-15 hours a week  
  • Receive weekly support and training

How to apply:

  • Provide resume and two references
  • Complete online application form
  • Complete interview with Program associates

Pay: $4000-$8000

Position is for 2022-2023 (Fall, Spring and Summer terms)

Application link:

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    Joing Over 500,000 Students Enjoying Avada Education now

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    10th Grade

    Tour date: April 23, 2019.
    • UH Clear Lake: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
    • Rice University: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
    • UH Main Campus: 12:00 pm- 3:15 pm
    Students should arrive to school at the normal time (7:55 am). Transportation will be provided To and From the school. Students are required to either bring sack lunches from home or get sack lunches from school. Again, students will be picking ONE of the listed tours to go on. There is a first come first serve basis as there is limited availability for each tour. (For instance, only 40 students can go to Rice). Register for the field trip: 10th Grade Parent Permission Form for College Trips